234 East 23rd Street
Jackson Park

Bankside Master Plan

Bankside Master Plan

101 Lincoln Avenue / 2401 Third Avenue
South Bronx
Brookfield Properties
Project Type:
Master Plan
Master Plan
485139 / 992545
25 / 24
458 / 921
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Hill West Architects

Rather than creating a building with the intention of melding it into its surroundings, Bankside gave Hill West Architects a unique opportunity to create an entire neighborhood, two projects that are linked by the waterway and are on either side of the 3rd Avenue Bridge which connects the Bronx to Manhattan. Well serviced by subway access, this up and coming neighborhood is rich with culture and local flavor.  Hill West’s new Master Plan will bring new commercial, retail, culture, and residential development to the area, along with a new park along the waterfront that will add new ways for the residents to connect to the waterfront.

We collaborate with our affiliated interiors firm, Whitehall to create holistic buildings that are as thoughtfully designed on the interior as they are on the exterior.

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