2230 Cropsey Avenue

April 28, 2021

Standing 31 stories tall, 2230 Cropsey Avenue is the tallest residential tower in South Brooklyn.

Located in Bath Beach, the residential tower maximizes the incredible views in all directions by leveraging a structurally glazed curtain wall system for the vertical tower. To balance scale and emphasize the interlocking geometrical forms, the tower mass is broken up with recesses. The projected fin articulation on the curtain wall expresses movement and accentuates the vertical tower, while also allowing for sunshading opportunities.

However, the base of the building was constructed from brick and reflects the context of the preexisting buildings found within the neighborhood’s streets. On the 3rd floor of the building residents will enjoy a fitness center with a yoga room and billiards room. The 4th floor hosts a locker room with a Sauna and Steam room and a 2,300 square foot outdoor terrace with a swimming pool and lounge deck. An additional 1,200 square foot outdoor terrace is available to residents at the 23rd floor.

We collaborate with our affiliated interiors firm, Whitehall to create holistic buildings that are as thoughtfully designed on the interior as they are on the exterior.

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