Ocean Drive

December 14, 2016

Ocean Drive, 3514 Surf Avenue is a 21-story, 425-unit, market-rate apartment building that brings “Miami sophistication” to the Coney Island Boardwalk. Located outside of the gated communities in the surrounding neighborhood, Ocean Drive enhances the area with a large retail space set to house a quality neighborhood food store, improves the boardwalk and street ends, and ushers in a rebirth to the area.

The beach and boardwalk informed the placement of the structural elements and the program of the building’s foundation. The heavier two towers were shifted back toward Surf Avenue while the lighter garage structure was moved towards the beach to mitigate erosion and depths of excavation required for the foundation. Ocean Drive’s garage location presented a challenge, but ultimately allowed our design team to develop a creative and effective solution. Our team cladded the garage with the goal of creating a landmark while providing a playful, 3-dimensional facade appropriate for the boardwalk and beachfront.

The design team and landscape architect collaborated on a design that serves the community with a public space for food, activity centers, shade, seating, and lush plantings allowing the building and boardwalk to become a destination in the neighborhood.

As the first market-rate building in the area in two decades, Ocean Drive is a renaissance in the community of Coney Island.

We collaborate with our affiliated interiors firm, Whitehall to create holistic buildings that are as thoughtfully designed on the interior as they are on the exterior.

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