Nick Koumarnetos
“The ability to create something from an idea is one of my favorite aspects of architecture. Carrying out the vision with such a talented and unified team helps create some of the best buildings in New York City.”

Nick Koumarnetos – Associate Partner

Nick Koumarnetos brings over 25 years of architectural experience to Hill West Architects. With an eye for construction and design, he has worked on a wide range of building types including high-rise residential towers, mid-rise low income, and luxury apartment buildings as well as commercial and mixed-use projects.   He has successfully managed projects from schematic design through construction administration. Koumarnetos’ most recent work includes The Aldyn, The Ashley, One Riverside Park, 71 Smith Street and Waterline Square.

Prior to being named associate partner at Hill West Architects, Koumarnetos was a senior associate at Goldstein, Hill & West Architects and Costas Kondylis and Partners. Koumarnetos received a Bachelor of Art in Architecture from New York Institute of Technology. When not envisioning the next project for Hill West Architects, he is often known to renovate apartments for leisure and also spends time with his family at the beach, either on Long Island or in Greece.

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